4 Ailments to Rock your Car’s Heating in Toms River

Colder temperatures are coming quickly and for drivers that means one thing: the heat needs to be on very soon! Having a car heater that works is important so that you’re comfortable and so that you’re safe. If your heater isn’t working in your car, your front windshield may not be able to defrost, consequently inhibiting your view and endangering yourself and others drivers on the road. It’s important to get your car heater fixed immediately if an issue arises. It may even be smart to have it checked out before the temperatures start dropping, just to make sure nothing has tampered with it over the summer months. Here are 4 possible ailments that may be causing your car heater not to work:

Blower Fan

Your car heater offers different temperatures and speeds to set your heat. When you have a blower fan in need of repair, you’ll know it because these levels will no longer be an option. Your heat is likely to only come out on level high. In this case a professional will replace the resistor module, which is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Another way to tell something is up with your blower fan, is if simply no air is coming out. It may be an issue with your blower fan, but more likely than not, it is an issue with a connector.


Shops that specialize in car heating repair in Toms River NJ will be able to take care of blower fan issues, as well as any leaking that may be occurring under your car. The heating core is a part of your car’s coolant system. This coolant system is in charge of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside of your car, and it runs on coolant fluid –antifreeze. Your car will begin to fail to heat up if a leak has developed in the coolant system. Consequently there will not be enough coolant levels to heat the air of your car or to run the defroster. Car heating repair shops in Toms River, NJ will be able to see where the leak exists and if it can be patched, rather than replacing the entire system.


Contaminated Coolant

Issues can progress with your heating core if there are not high enough levels of coolant, or if the coolant is at all contaminated. Imagine dirt or rust pervading your coolant. It will then not be able to properly filter and spread throughout the cabin of your vehicle. Be aware of this possibility if the heat in your car goes out. Perhaps the coolant just needs to flushed and replenished. Cater to this problem early so that the contaminants can have any lasting damage on other parts of the coolant system.

Faulty Thermostat

Your car’s thermostat is responsible for allowing coolant to the engine, once the engine is warmed up. If your thermostat is faulty, it will remain closed and not let the coolant through even after the engine has warmed up. There are at home ways to test your thermostat, but for those of you who want the job done quickly and painlessly, hire a professional to take care of your car heating repair in Toms River NJ. They will quickly be able to assess whether your thermostat is controlling the lack of heat in your car. If the thermostat is the issue, it can be replaced.

Whatever the issue is with the heating in your car, it’s important to take care of the problem in a timely, responsible manner. No one deserves to drive around in a freezing cold car. Contact us today at Holiday Service Center for any auto repair questions or services. We’re happy to help!

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