Auto Maintenance in Toms River – Benefits of a Car Wash

The end of Autumn is usually the time when we start getting things ready for the coming winter. We clean up the yard, and we schedule a tune-up for our heating system. In terms of tasks related to your vehicle, fall is usually the time to check your tire pressure, change your oil, and generally make sure everything on your car is in good, working order. Adding a routine car wash to this list is recommended for complete auto maintenance in Toms River. Though you may not have initially thought of it, a car wash can go a long way in maintaining a healthy exterior for your car.

Auto Maintenance in Toms River

Protect Your Car from the Elements

Getting your car washed in the fall is important. By the end of the summer, your car’s exterior has been battered by an onslaught of dirt, dust, bird poop, and bug guts. In the fall, all the acorns, leaves, crabapples, and sticks that fall from the trees only increase the level of debris you must contend with. They can also scratch your paint. Getting a fresh wax and polish after your car wash creates an invisible barrier between your car’s paint and those things that would scratch it, which gives it an extra level of defense.

Adding a wash to your auto maintenance schedule also keeps your car cleaner in the places that matter. Because of all the debris that collects on the roads this time of year, a lot of grime can build up in the undercarriage of your car – a place that’s very difficult to reach if your car is parked in your driveway. Getting your car washed also goes towards protecting the long-term finish. Dirt can trap moisture against your vehicle’s finish, promoting harmful rust.

Won’t Damage Your Car

Aside from getting a more thorough clean, taking your car to an automated car wash also ensures that you’ll get a more careful clean. Many automated car washes use touchless technology to clean your car, meaning that there’s no physical application to your car. When you wash your car at home, often you’re dipping a sponge or rag into a bucket of soapy water. Sponges and rags can capture particles of dirt or sand in their porous texture. When you rub it over your vehicle’s surface, you can actually end up scratching your paint, rather than cleaning it.

Preserves and Reclaims Water

Adding a routine car wash to your auto maintenance schedule can also go a long way to saving water and prevent harmful groundwater pollution. The average car wash done at home uses as much as 10 gallons of water in a minute and could end up using 150 gallons of water total. Most automated car washes use only 35 gallons of water total because they use only as much water as necessary and don’t leave it running when it’s not being used.

Many car wash facilities also reclaim water run-off. When you wash your car at home, all the chemicals in the soaps are sprayed off your car along with the dirt and grime. They run down the driveway and down the street, soaking into the lawn, and flower beds. This leaves harmful chemicals seeping into the groundwater. At a car wash facility, this water drains into reclamation tanks, where it is then repurposed.

Auto Maintenance NJ

Save Time and Money

Most car washes only take about 7-10 minutes, depending on the type of wash you select. It’s a lot less time than it would take to do yourself. Also, they’re typically the least expensive part of your routine auto maintenance. You can get yourself a good car wash for less than the cost of a latte from Starbucks, and you can even add a wax and polish for about the same price as a 10” hoagie from Wawa.

Holiday Service Center for Your Auto Maintenance in Toms River

Many people undervalue the importance of a good car wash. They may think it’s solely for superficial or vain purposes. However, getting a routine car wash for your vehicle can go a long way in keeping the exterior of your car rust-free and protected from the debris being pelted at it day after day.

For all your auto maintenance in Toms River, look no further than Holiday Service Center. We’re a local, family-owned business servicing this area for decades. Our experienced technicians can perform a variety of services on your car, and you get a free car wash with every oil change! Contact us today to set something up!

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