Auto Maintenance – Get Ready for Summer

Seem like you’ve been waiting forever and now it’s almost here. Summer! You’ve got your beach chair, towels and sun tan lotion all ready. Now all you need is that first perfect beach day and you can pack it all in the car and go. But wait. When you were gearing up for summer, did you make sure your car was ready? Routine auto maintenance is always recommended with the change of seasons.

The summer heat can be hard on your car, especially if you’re planning any long summer road trips. Some simple routine maintenance will have your car just as ready for summer as you are!

Check Your Tires

A great place to start your summer auto maintenance is where the rubber meets the road. Your tires play an important part in your car’s performance and safety.

First, if you use special tires to handle the snow rather than all-season tires, it’s time to change them.  Dry, hot pavement is especially harmful to winter tires.

Next, check the tread depth on your tires. Summer driving can often mean driving in those annoying pop-up rain showers. The tread on your tires must be adequate for rainy weather or your car could slip and slide, even go off the road.

You will also need to check your tire pressure. Summer weather causes air pressure to rise. If your tires are properly inflated, not only will your car handle better, you’ll get better gas mileage and your tires will last longer.

Auto Maintenance - Get Ready for Summer

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Winter weather can be tough on your windshield wiper blades. Replacing them is an important but simple task to keep you safe you during those pesky summer showers.

Your wiper’s blades should make full contact with the windshield in order to provide complete visibility during a rainstorm. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve replaced them,it’s time for a new set.

Get Your Battery Checked

Heat can be hard on your car’s battery. You should have your battery tested, especially if it’s more than three years old, before you hit the road this summer.

A certified automotive repair shop will have equipment that can tell you whether or not it needs to be recharged or replaced.

Flush the Radiator

The coolant in your radiator should be changed once a year. It can break down over time and start to corrode the inside of your radiator. This can lead to cooling issues and radiator repair. Flushing your radiator while doing summer maintenance is an easy way to prevent this.

Change the Air Filter

You car’s air filter should be changed twice a year. While you’re doing summer auto maintenance is the perfect time to get this five minute job out of the way.

Auto Maintenance - Get Ready for Summer

Inspect Your Brakes

Your brakes are far too important to your safety to ignore. They should be checked twice a year and serviced as necessary. Your brake fluid should be checked as well.

You’ll want your brakes to be in perfect working order before you set out on your first summer road trip.

Check Headlights,Taillights and Blinkers

All of these make you visible to other drivers, let them know what you’re doing and keep everyone safe. While you’re performing summer auto maintenance, check them all and replace the bulbs as necessary.

If changing the bulb doesn’t fix the problem, consult a professional mechanic. You may have a more serious problem. Not only will having all of these working properly keep you safe on the road, it could keep you from getting a ticket.

Emergency Roadside Kit

No matter what you do, breakdowns can still happen. You can minimize the stress of a breakdown by being prepared.

Keep an emergency kit in your car at all times. It should include items such as a flashlight, flares, first-aid kit, jumper cables, paper towels, extra washer fluid, a jug of water and basic tools such as wrenches, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, pliers and vise grips.

Summer Auto Maintenance Will Keep You on the Road

Once you’ve completed all of these automotive maintenance task, you should be ready for a worry-free summer season. If you are unsure of how to complete any of these or discover a problem, it is time to consult a professional mechanic.

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