Auto Mechanics Toms River: Reasons for Winter Check Up

The best way to ensure peak performance for your vehicle is regular maintenance. It’s never a good idea to put off a maintenance check up, and it is especially important during the winter months.  If you have been putting off a check up for your automobile, there is no better time than winter to schedule maintenance. The cold weather creates several issues that could leave you unsafe or possibly stranded with an inoperable vehicle. There are several reasons why a winter checkup with auto mechanics Toms River is beneficial.


During the winter months, the roads get icy and dangerous, especially for those with worn out tires. Tires work by applying friction to slow vehicles to a stop. Throughout the year, we wear down tires, ruining the tire tread and reducing their ability to maintain air pressure.

When you are driving down an icy road with tires that haven’t been changed in a long time, you run the risk of spinning out or sliding off the road. When maneuvering dangerous winter roads, air-pressure in the tires is necessary to ensure the tires don’t blow out. Auto mechanics Toms River provide a winter check-up that can circumvent these issues.

Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid

With winter comes inclement weather that can cause serious issues to a driver’s visibility. We rely on windshield wipers to wipe away snow and keep our windows clean. When you go in for a winter check-up, auto mechanics will make sure that the wiper blades aren’t dull and the washer fluid is full and won’t freeze. You do not want to find yourself driving through the snow with dull wiper blades and frozen washer fluid, unable to see the road in front of you.

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Battery and Cooling System

During the winter months, low temperatures can slow down the chemical processes within your car’s battery. A strong car battery is necessary for starting your car. The cold winter can greatly weaken or deplete your battery. A check-up will ensure that you aren’t stuck trying to get your vehicle to turn over during the morning freeze.

An automobile’s cooling system is what regulates temperature, preventing breakdowns and overheating. Winter may not sound like the most likely time for a car to overheat, but your car has to work extra hard to maintain temperature. This can surprisingly lead to overheating. Auto mechanics make sure you don’t have old or low coolant liquid so you can prevent your engine from freezing. A winter check up keeps you moving and avoids breakdowns.


A well-maintained automobile transmission is paramount to operating a vehicle. Cars with an automatic transmission require a regulated amount of transmission fluid in order to work smoothly. While it is always important, the need for proper transmission fluid increases when driving in harsh conditions during winter months.

Cold weather conditions thicken transmission fluid, and it doesn’t flow as smoothly through the mechanical systems. Transmission fluid must be maintained with a special machine that auto mechanics Toms River can provide. This is why it is necessary to go in for a check-up, rather than trying to fix your vehicle at home.

Motor Oil

During the coldest nights of winter, temperatures may drop below zero. When this occurs, motor oil in your vehicle can thicken. This can cause a myriad of issues. During a winter check up, auto mechanics will make sure that you don’t need to switch over to lighter motor oil. They will know the right choice of oil for a smooth ride all winter.

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Holiday Service Center – Auto Mechanics Toms River

Holiday Service Center auto mechanics in Toms River have the necessary skill and experience to provide a comprehensive check up on your vehicle. By checking your transmission, tires, battery, cooling system, windshield wipers and washer fluid, auto mechanics will keep your vehicle well maintained and running smoothly. Contact Holiday Service Center for the services necessary for a safe and smooth winter.

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