Benefits of Building a Good Relationship with Your Local Mechanic

Most car owners are not experts in auto repair. Anytime you get into an accident or your vehicle breaks down, the uneasy feeling of having to take your car to a mechanic sets in. Without auto repair knowledge, you can feel very uncomfortable and unsure when you visit a mechanic. You don’t know if the price offered is fair for the service being provided. Most mechanics are good, honest people. But just like everything else in this world, there are some exceptions. That’s why building a good relationship with your local mechanic is so important. Understanding how to build this relationship will benefit you in the long run.

How to Build a Good Relationship


The number one thing you have to remember about mechanics is that they love loyalty. If it is obvious that you don’t come to them every time your car needs repairs, then you will not be a top priority to them. Those who remain loyal to one mechanic will have a much better chance of building a strong, positive relationship.

Benefits of Building a Good Relationship with Your Local Mechanic , car repair in toms river nj


Let your local mechanic do his job. Having good communication with your mechanic is important. But questioning every little thing he does can actually hinder his work. Trust that your mechanic knows what he’s doing more than you do.

Realistic Expectations

Mechanics are not miracle workers, though sometimes it may seem like they are. Keep your expectations on a realistic level. If your car has over 150,000 miles on it, don’t expect it to come out of the shop running like you just drove it off the car lot.

Take Good Care of Your Car

Make sure you take care of your vehicle the way it should be. Not bringing your car in for routine maintenance can just make things harder for your mechanic.

Ever notice how your dentist gets a little frustrated when you don’t floss every day, and then they have to really dig into your gums to get the plaque out? That’s like not taking your car in for routine oil changes and then leaving your mechanic with a destroyed engine. Your mechanic doesn’t want to have to charge you extra because you didn’t take care of your vehicle.  


Tell the truth when communicating with your mechanic. If you’ve been to another mechanic with the same problem, tell your current mechanic. The issue might be something that hasn’t been considered. And don’t think your mechanic will be mad if you had to make an emergency stop at a different auto shop when you were out of town. Tell them. They’ve had their own experiences with car troubles so they understand that certain situations call for immediate service.  


If you’re happy with the service that your local mechanic gives you then refer him to your friends and family. Even if you bring in one or two more clients, that’s an increase of business for him. The free advertising you give him will surely come back to benefit you later.

The Benefits of a Good Relationship with Your Local Mechanic

Faster Repairs

When you consistently go to the same local mechanic, you start to get better service. This isn’t just because they appreciate your loyalty and will prioritize your car over others, though that is a plus.

Over time your mechanic will develop a good understanding of your car’s history and your driving habits. Knowing what work has been done on your car in the past and how you drive will make it easier for your mechanic to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Spend Less  

Faster repairs mean that you’ll spend less on labor costs. Also, when you are loyal to one mechanic he is more likely to waive certain fees which will bring the overall cost down, especially if your referrals have given him good business. The more loyal you are, the better prices you’ll end up receiving.

Benefits of Building a Good Relationship with Your Local Mechanic

Peace of Mind

We go to the same doctor for years because we feel comfortable trusting them with our healthcare. Why should it be any different with a mechanic taking care of your car?

Going to the same local mechanic consistently will give you that sense of familiarity and trust. It will no longer be a hit or miss kind of deal, like it would be if you pick and choose from a variety of mechanics every time you need repairs. Over time you’ll start to feel so comfortable with your local mechanic that it will be as if you gained a new friend.

Trust Your Local Mechanic

Car troubles are an annoyance that everyone would rather avoid. But when car troubles do arise, you want to be confident that your local mechanic will give you high-quality service at the fairest price.

Holiday Service Center will give you that confidence. We are a family owned business with over 30 years of experience. Offering a variety of auto services, we will help get your car running as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to start building a good relationship with your local mechanic.

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