Brake Repair in Toms River, NJ

How many times have you had the dream that you’re screaming, but no words are coming out? Or maybe even the dream that you are desperately stomping on the brakes of your car, but your car won’t stop! Although dreams are fictitious stories of our mind, the brakes of a car can truly fail on you. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on the smooth running of your car. Imagine the damage this could cause and the lives this could endanger if your brakes were to stop working at an inopportune time.

Understanding your Brakes

Hydraulic pressure is the basis of the braking mechanism in your car. In order to stop your car from continuing its momentum, the driver presses his/her foot on the left pedal, the brake pedal. Once this pedal is pressed, pressure is sent to a cylinder in the engine, which in turn gives force to brake fluid emission. The brake fluid proceeds to then snake its way through carrier lines that transport the fluid to the wheels of the car. Once the pressure of the fluid hits the wheels, they are prompted to squeeze the brake pads against a disk. Friction is caused by drum brakes on the rear wheels and disc brakes on the front ones. These are the basics of how your car slows down.brake repair in toms river, nj

Brake System Failure

Brakes are some of the most important parts of a car. Having them intact is highly important for the safety of everyone in the vehicle. There are all sorts of things that can necessitate brake repair for drivers in Toms River, NJ. For example, it may be possible that grease is on the breaks. If this is the case the brakes cannot work to their potential because the grease is hindering the friction. Imagine rubbing sandpaper on a wood surface, but there was oil in between the two. The sandpaper would be much less effective.

Another cause for brake system failure could be a leak in your brake fluid. Not only can leaks be dangerous to the rest of the vehicle, but could also potentially lead to a lack of brake fluid for braking. Thus the whole mechanism for your braking system will fail. This is why it’s always important to monitor any fluid that could be leaking from your car.

One of the more commonly known ailments that can potentially ruin the brakes of your car, are worn brake pads. For all drivers in Toms River, NJ, it is essential to keep your ears open for any squeaking you hear when breaking. This is a sure sign, that your brake pads need to be replaced so that more damage isn’t done to all parts of your brakes. This squeaking is caused by a metal indicator rubbing against the rotor of the brake to give drivers a more obvious sign that brake repair is needed.

An overheating of brakes can also necessitate brake repair for drivers in Toms River, NJ. When brakes overheat, they form “hot spots”, which indirectly prevent the necessary friction for a car to stop.brake repair in toms river, nj


Now that we know the problems that can exist, how can they be fixed? Brake pads are an easier fix than replacing other parts of your brakes. And they are easier to judge whether they need to be replaced. A professional can simply look at the thickness of the pad and judge if it’s too worn to still be using.

Replacing the entire brake system is a whole other ballgame. It includes taking the entire assembly apart and checking the rotor, the wheel bearings, along with the brake pads, brake fluid, etc.

Maintaining the brakes of your car can be a challenging task, so always make sure to consult professionals. But where to go for brake repair in Toms River, NJ? Holiday Service Center is your answer. Contact us today on our website, by phone, or drop by at our garage for any of your brake repair or other vehicle needs!

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