Car Burning Oil? You May Need More Than An Oil Change In Toms River

Burning oil is a common issue that confronts car owners, especially those with older models. Many drivers don’t consider the severity of the situation or simply don’t know how to identify the problem. Fortunately, there are warning signs that can alert you to burning oil. Looking out for these signals and getting an oil change in Toms River can prevent major damage to your car.

What To Look For

How can you tell if your car is burning oil? The easiest way is to look for smoke. When your engine is burning oil, blue or gray smoke can emanate from the tailpipe. However, your engine could still be burning oil even if your car isn’t releasing smoke. There is a mechanism called the catalytic converter that cleans your engine’s exhaust and prevents smoke from reaching the air outside your car. This can prevent your car from producing noticeable smoke, and leave you in the dark when it comes to burning oil.

Auto Mechanic Toms River

Another way to identify burning oil is by checking your car’s oil level. If you check your oil and the dipstick shows it is low, one of two things is happening. Your car is either leaking or burning oil. Park your car overnight on a clean surface and look for an oil spot underneath in the morning. If there is no spot, your car is most likely burning oil. If there is a spot, head to a service center for an oil change and to have your engine checked.

Possible Causes

Having your oil changed regularly is a great way to avoid potential problems. Motor oil’s main purpose is to reduce friction between the moving parts in an engine. Old motor oil becomes incompatible with your engine, increasing friction. This friction can wear down mechanisms that prevent oil from entering the engine’s combustion chamber. Your car burns fuel within its combustion chamber, which is why you want to keep oil out. Worn piston rings, valve seals, or cylinder walls could explain how oil is reaching the combustion chamber. Another possible cause is a faulty positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV valve. Visit a technician to diagnose the problem and get back on the road.

What To Do

When people are faced with car issues, they are usually looking for the easiest solution. Some may be inclined to constantly replace burned oil, which is not a good idea. If you continue to replace and burn oil, you will damage your engine. The previously mentioned catalytic converter does a great job keeping smoke from leaving your car, but it has its own limitations. Continued exposure to smoke can damage this mechanism which will eventually require you to replace it. The smoke can also reduce the power of your engine, reduce how much mileage it gets out of a gallon of gas, and increase your exhaust emissions. An oil change in Toms River reduces the chances of burning oil, but if it is too late you should bring your car in for service.

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Start With An Oil Change In Toms River

When your car’s well-being is at stake and the solution is this simple, an oil change is a no brainer. Holiday Service Center is the ideal place to get an oil change in Toms River. Servicing the Toms River area for over 30 years, Holiday Service Center has an expert ASE certified staff of technicians ready to change your oil and repair your vehicle. Their fast and skillful services will have your car running smoothly in no time. If you suspect your car is burning oil or has other issues, contact Holiday Service Center.

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