Car Maintenance – A Top Priority with New Car Costs on the Rise

Proper car maintenance is vitally important to avoid breakdowns and keep your car running smoothly. It is crucial when it comes to your safety and that of your passengers. Regular car maintenance is also key to your car’s longevity. The longer you can go without car payments the better, right?

While performance and safety have always been the major reasons for taking good care of your car, the cost of buying a new one has risen closer to the top of that list in recent years. In 1975, the average cost of a new car was about $3,800.00. According to Kelley Blue Book in May of 2016, the average cost was $33,845.00. Of course, everything, including wages, was lower in 1975.

On the upside, many of today’s cars are lasting longer and certain types of maintenance, like tune-ups, aren’t necessary on newer cars. Even so, the price tag on a new car could easily motivate you to take better care of your current car. Proper car maintenance will keep your car on the road longer and help preserve its trade in value.

Regular Car Maintenance

You owner’s manual for your car will outline the suggested maintenance schedule for your particular model. Following this schedule is a big step toward increasing your car’s longevity. This schedule typically includes checking fluids, oil changes, tire rotation and other routine maintenance. While many of these may seem trivial to some, these types of maintenance are vital to the health of your car. Low fluid levels, dirty oil or unevenly worn tires will all impact your car’s performance and can even cause damage.

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Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Many have probably heard someone say “My car sounds funny so I turned up the radio” or “There’s a funny smell but the car is running fine so I’m going to wait to take it to the mechanic.” These examples may seem a little extreme but most mechanics have probably heard these and many more like them.

Unfamiliar noises, odd smells or a change in performance are all signs it’s time to have your car checked. Newer cars come equipped with a variety of dashboard warning lights and there are even some apps that can alert you to the need for repair.

For many car owners, the fear of costly repairs or their busy schedules will cause them to put off a visit to the mechanic. Don’t do it! If something doesn’t seem right with your car, it’s worth the time and the money to have it checked.

If you don’t, it could result in a breakdown, extensive or permanent damage or even personal injury. It could also leave you with no choice but to buy a new car, which may very well have been unnecessary had the problem been addressed. Neglecting to have your car checked out if something isn’t right could end up costing you much more in the long run.

It’s About More Than Just Looks

Making sure your car is clean inside and out impacts more than just its appearance. Dirt and chemicals such as road salt can be damaging if allowed to build up. Washing and waxing your car regularly, especially after a snow or ice storm, will remove road salt. This will protect your car’s finish and reduce the possibility of rust. Ignoring dirt inside your car can cause it to permanently stain carpets and upholstery or cause unpleasant odors.

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Car Maintenance is Worth the Investment

There are so many reasons to keep up regular car maintenance. Besides performance and safety, it could help you avoid those annoying car payments a bit longer. Having an experienced  ASE certified mechanic perform regular maintenance and handle any other issues that arise with your car will keep it running longer.

Servicing the Toms River area for over 30 years, Holiday Service Center is an automotive repair station, gas station, and car service center. Our staff of certified technicians is ready take care of your regular car maintenance and repairs.  As a fourth-generation family-owned business, we take pride in our exceptional service. We focus on building a relationship with the customer to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Contact us and schedule your car maintenance today!


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