Why You Definitely Need a Car Wash After Summer is Over

Believe it or not, washing your car regularly is as important as having your car serviced regularly. Making sure your car is clean is a great way to keep it running efficiently for a long time. From maintaining the aesthetic value of your car to increasing its fuel efficiency, there are a few benefits to getting a car wash at the end of the summer season.

Summer Road Trips

Summer is a great time for taking your car out on the road for a long weekend. Whether you’re heading to the beach or going on a camping trip with some friends, those long road trips can produce wear and tear on your vehicle. The longer you’re on the road the more chance you have of collecting debris or bird droppings on your car. Allowing those contaminants to build up on your grill, hood, or windshield can lead to a number of issues. A car wash after a summer of long road trips is necessary to help prevent further damage to your car.

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Heat and Rain

When those contaminants are left on your car, the summer weather will have a huge impact. High temperatures are terrible for a dirty car. The extreme heat will speed up the damage that occurs from contaminants such as bird droppings. This can lead to discoloration of the paint all over your vehicle. When it rains, these contaminants become locked in which can easily lead to rust. Even at the end of the summer season, extreme heat and rain storms are prevalent but a car wash can help to prevent those high-cost damages.

Safer Driving

In the winter, your windshield can become covered with frost, ice or snow that will make it difficult, if not impossible, to see where you’re going. In the event this happens, you would make sure to clear off all the frost and ice before attempting to drive. So, why should it be any different when your windshield is covered with dirt and debris during the summer? Without a regular car wash, dirt can build up on your windshield to the point where you can no longer drive safely. FYI, using your windshield wiper fluid does not count as a car wash.

Fuel Efficiency

You may not think the cleanliness of your car has anything to do with how much gas you’re using but truth be told, it does. If you’ve gone all summer without getting your car washed, you’ve probably built up a decently thick layer of dirt and debris on your car. That layer of dirt will create a small but noticeable drag when you’re driving. It is said that having a clean car will increase your fuel efficiency by about 10%. That may not sound like much but if you’re constantly driving around, those savings will add up.

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A Clean Car Prevents Illnesses

The outside of your car is not the only thing that needs cleaning. The inside of your car can be filled with germs and bacteria collected from all the places you have gone throughout the summer and all the people you’ve interacted with. When you clean your house you’re wiping away all of the germs and bacteria that could lead to you or your family getting sick. If you really don’t want to bring bacteria into your home, you should start by cleaning your car.

End of Summer Car Wash

The end of the summer is a perfect time to get your car washed and cleaned thoroughly. Throughout the season your car has taken a beating from the long road trips, extreme heat, and rainy weather. Make sure to take your vehicle through the car wash and clean the interior, before dirt and debris lead to more costly problems.

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