Engine Repair 101

Not all drivers are fully knowledgeable when it comes to fixing cars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all be aware of the signs that our vehicles may be failing. When it comes to preventative steps, it’s important to catch an issue at the very first sign. From funny noises to the turning on of the check engine light, there are all sorts of signs to indicate your engine may be failing. Once a mechanic has determined that your car’s engine is in fact in need of repair, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth an engine repair or an engine replacement. Here is some engine repair 101:

Do I Need Engine Repair?

Periodic checkups are recommended for any vehicle, regardless of age or mileage. But for drivers who don’t stick to these checkups as often as they should, there are some sure fire ways to tell that your engine may be in need of repair. The first major sign is increased exhaust smoke. And luckily for drivers, the color of the exhaust smoke can be a direct indication of what is going wrong with your engine. You may not be able to fix it, but you will be able to provide the engine repair technician with a bit more information, so that they can more speedily fix your vehicle.

White Smoke: Indicates a failure in the cooling system. It’s likely that the vehicle’s antifreeze is being burnt in a chamber it should not be.

Black Smoke: Indicates the car is burning too much gasoline. This can lead to engine overheating.

Blue Smoke: Indicates a possible oil leak. Without necessary levels of oil, your engine will severely suffer due to a lack of lubrication.


If you notice your vehicle struggling to gain speed or significantly falling in gas efficiency, there is likely a need for engine repair. Your engine is not functioning as well as it used to and this issue should be addressed before it gets any worse.

Another sign your vehicle’s engine may be in failing condition is if there is a knocking noise with the speeding up and slowing down of your car or truck. A mechanic is likely to take a look at the engine bearings, which are probably worn.

Repair or Replace?

When you take your car into the mechanic the first thing to be decided is whether the car’s engine is worth being repaired. For engines that have over 150,000 miles on it, it seems to be a no brainer. Mechanics will often advise that you simply replace the engine with a crate or remanufactured engine. Say you choose not to replace an old engine, it’s likely the engine will have to be completely disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, checked for cracks, realigned  if necessary, as well as lots of other extensive labor measures. The time and cost that can accumulate during a repair like this is not worth it for many people. Any engine repair expert would likely advise a customer to replace the engine.


Your car may be something you use every single day and because of that it’s important to remember that it requires constant maintenance. Drivers should periodically get their oil changes, their brakes checked, their tires replaced, etc. to get the most life out of their vehicle. For questions you don’t feel like you can answer on your own about your vehicle, ask a trained and knowledgeable professional. Contact us today at Holiday Service Center where we pride ourselves on having the most professional and caring staff. Whether it’s an engine repair issue, a body repair need, or anything else, give us a call today!

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