Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

The cold temperatures of winter can be detrimental to your car unless you take the preventative measures to maintain it. From washing your car to making sure your fluids are at the appropriate levels, learn how to keep your car clean during the harsh winter weather.

Wash Your Car Frequently

Washing your car may seem like a waste of time during the winter since you’ll most likely just have to wash it all over again two weeks later. However, if you do not wash your car frequently during the winter it can become overexposed to road salt which can eat away at the paint and body of your vehicle.

If you have a car that is any other color than white, you know how quickly snow and salt can affect the appearance of your car. If you go too long without a wash, a black colored car will turn into a grayish white color. To avoid this, you should try to wash your car every 10-14 days, depending on how often you drive.

Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter , toms river car wash

Washing your car the old fashioned way with a bucket full of soapy water and some sponges might be fun in the summer but during the winter the cold air takes that fun away. Going to a car wash is a better option. A car wash has the ability to clean all areas of your car that you could miss if you did it yourself.

Many car washes offer a variety of prices for different washes from a simple exterior wash to full-service wash which includes exterior, interior, tires, windows, and wax coating. It is important to wax your car during the winter as it helps to prevent the buildup of salt and debris on your car.

Replace Your Floor Mats

People often forget about their floor mats but they are an important part of how to keep your car clean during the winter. Your heavy winter boots can drag a lot of snow, salt, and mud into your car. All of that snow and mud can badly stain your floor mats. The salt that comes in with the snow will get absorbed by the mats and eventually start to cause serious damage to the floor of your car. If you have your regular carpet floor mats, they will be ruined by the time winter is over.

Replace your carpet floor mats with rubber ones. This way, no matter how muddy and wet your shoes or boots are, the floor of your car will be protected. Simply take out the rubber mats after using your car, give them a good rinse, dry them off and put them back in. This will help to keep your car feeling, looking, and smelling fresh all winter long.

Check All Car Fluids

There are two big reasons for consistently checking and maintaining your car’s fluids during the winter. First, you need to be able to see through your windshield and back window in order to drive safely. Always check to make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid. This helps to clear your windshield of frost, snow, ice, and any other debris that sticks to it. You don’t want to be driving home in the middle of a snowstorm with no wiper fluid. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking out the window like Ace Ventura.

Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter , car wash toms river

After you’ve checked your windshield wiper fluid, you’ll want to check your antifreeze and oil levels. These fluids make sure to keep your engine healthy and running smoothly in extreme temperatures. And always try to keep your gas tank at least half full. This will prevent your gas line from freezing.

How to Keep Your Car Clean Without the Hassle

Knowing how to keep your car clean during the winter is good for aesthetic reasons and for maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Holiday Service Center offers the convenience of an affordable car wash. We have a variety of auto services to keep your car in working condition all winter long.  Visit our website to get your coupon for one free carwash with the purchase of one oil change.

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