Should You Use Synthetic or Regular Oil For Your Next Oil Change?

For the average car owner, motor oil is only thought about when the ‘check oil’ light comes on. When it’s time for an oil change, they may be presented with the option of using either synthetic or regular oil. When you don’t know much about cars, it’s easy to assume that synthetic oil isn’t necessary unless you have a very high-end vehicle. However, this is not true. Before you fill your car with regular oil, learn about the many benefits of synthetic oil.

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What is Synthetic Oil?

First thing’s first, what exactly is synthetic oil? In creating synthetic oil, crude oil is refined, distilled, purified, and broken down into basic chemicals. The process removes impurities from the oil and helps it work better with modern engines. Let’s look at some of the ways that synthetic oil can improve performance and why you should use it the next time you get an oil change.

Cleaner Engine

When regular oil moves through your engine, it can pick up impurities that negatively affect the engine. The particles that the oil picks up can turn the oil into sludge, reducing an engine’s efficiency and lifespan. Synthetic oils can fend off the formation of sludge and reduce the amount of deposits in your engine. With a cleaner engine, your car will operate much more efficiently.

Engine Wear Protection

The engine experiences constant friction between its parts at very high speeds. Motor oil works by acting as a lubricant in between these components to reduce this friction. When oil breaks down, it loses its ability to protect an engine. Synthetic oils don’t break down as quickly, so your engine can run smoothly for longer. You can protect your engine from wear and tear by choosing synthetic oil during your next oil change.

Low-Temperature Performance

When you aren’t using your car for a while, the motor oil settles. In cold temperatures, the settled oil can get thick and takes more time to flow smoothly throughout the engine. Your motor isn’t properly protected from wear and tear before the oil starts traveling through the engine. Synthetic oil flows quickly in cold temperatures providing your car with immediate protection once you turn the ignition.

High-Temperature Performance

Just as synthetic oil performs better in cold environments, it also works better under hot conditions. A running engine gets very hot and over time this heat causes motor oil to break down and evaporate. Synthetic oil can withstand these high temperatures. This is yet another reason synthetic oil should be used in your next oil change.

Protect Turbocharger Parts

To increase fuel efficiency, automakers have been designing cars with smaller engines. To compensate for the smaller engine, they add turbochargers to increase the engine’s strength. The shaft of a turbocharger moves extremely fast and motor oil works to lubricate the moving parts. Regular motor oil is more likely to break down and leave deposits in the turbocharger. This can lead to engine failure. Make sure your car is turbocharged by using synthetic oil during your next oil change.

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Oil Change Professionals

To make the jump from regular to synthetic oil, bring your car to the experts. Holiday Service Center offers the very best service in everything from an oil change to large repairs. Our ASE certified technicians have the knowledge, training, and tools to give you the very best service possible. We are a family owned business that has kept our customers happy for over 30 years. Our extensive list of services keeps your car safe and on the move. To learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule maintenance, contact us today.

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