3 Steps to Servicing Transmissions in Toms River

Your car is one of the most important possessions you own. And it should be taken care of with meticulous, regular inspections by you or your nearest professional. Addressing issues that arise is important, but taking the extra step to prevent these issues is an even better especially when it comes to servicing transmissions in Toms River.

The transmission of your car is classified in one of two ways: automatic or manual. Regardless of your type of transmission, it does similar tasks. The job of the transmission if to transfer power from the engine to the wheels — basically making your car move. The transmission is also in charge of switching gears as your car speeds up or slows down. Thus, it’s a very important part of your vehicle, so how do you know if it needs servicing?

How Do I know if My Transmission Needs Servicing?

It’s smart for all drivers to have the transmission of their car inspected at least every 30,000 miles. However there are also key signs that may indicate something is awry with your transmission. These signs include: your vehicle won’t move, the vehicle has difficulty shifting gears, the car is abnormally loud when shifting gears, the check engine light is on, or transmission fluid is leaking. So the first step in servicing transmissions in Toms River and all of Ocean County, is knowing when. Be aware of all of the previously mentioned signs, but also don’t wait for these signs to happen. Take constant care of your car, so you don’t end up in a tough, stressful situation.


Why is Transmission Fluid Important?

The number one thing checked when servicing a car’s transmission is the transmission fluid. Keeping an eye on transmission fluid levels and cleanliness will lengthen the lifespan of your transmission. Getting your transmission fluid changed is similar to getting an oil change. It just doesn’t need to happen as often. Every 30,000 miles is the advised amount of time to wait before flushing out old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid. Transmission fluid keeps all the gears moving smoothly and prevents too much wear and tear on your transmission.

When a professional flushes out your transmission fluid, he will also check your transmission for any signs of rust or wear. The transmission pan will also be checked to see if a decent amount of particles are accumulating in your fluid or not. Again, your vehicle is one of the most important possessions you own. So take care of it, and don’t just REACT. Be PROACTIVE. Taking the necessary servicing steps will prevent panicked trips to the mechanic later on. So remember, getting your transmission fluid changed is essential in maintaining your car.

Servicing Transmissions in Toms River

A transmission filter is just like the filter in your furnace or your air conditioner, except that it filters a fluid rather than air. Transmissions in Toms River can be better-taken care of by periodically replacing the transmission filter. This is a process done usually at the same time as a routine transmission fluid flush. Keeping the transmission as clean as possible, will increase its efficiency and consequently the efficiency of the transmission. So leaving a dirty, clogged filter in your transmission for too long can really cause problems down the road.

Make it easy for your car to run and function as well as it can, and get your transmission, as well as the rest of your car, serviced periodically. If you don’t feel comfortable checking your car and replacing fluids yourself, that’s ok. Don’t hesitate to call a professional. Contact us today at Holiday Service Center for any of your automobile needs.

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