10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drive Around with Broken Air Conditioning This Summer

This summer has been a particularly hot one for us New Jersey (NJ) residents, and the last thing any of us want is to be driving around in this heat without air conditioning (AC).

So, if you’re AC isn’t working, it’s time to get that fixed for the summer season. If you’re a Toms River resident, check out the rest of our website for Car AC repair Toms River appointments.

For more information on how fixing your air conditioning can improve the functionality of your car, contact the manufacturer or your local car AC repair shop.

Below are some of the most motivating reasons to get your AC fixed for this hot and muggy NJ summer:

Pit stains are the worst.

Without AC, your car will get really hot, leaving you with sweat stains all over your body. Getting the air conditioning fixed will help to prevent this situation, and leaving you smelling much more fresh than you would have after driving around in the heat.

The heat will ruin your hairdo.

Did you spend hours this morning on an awesome hairstyle for the day? Getting into your car with no air conditioning will make your scalp sweat in this heat. Say goodbye to that awesome hairstyle, because without air conditioning, it’s not going to look the same as it did when you left your house.

The seats won’t reach oven-temperature levels.

Have you ever sat on your seats after a few hours in the sun in shorts? The scorching hot weather can burn your skin if you happen to sport leather upholstery. Air conditioning can help cool these seats down before you get in the car.

Driving in the hot rain is horrible.

Most people don’t like to open the windows when it’s raining, but if your windows are up and hot rain is hitting your windshield, there’s a chance things might get foggy. Having a working air conditioning unit can help clear up some of this fog and make driving in the summer rain easier.

For the ladies, the heat melts your makeup.

There’s nothing worse (as a lady) then doing your makeup nicely and having the heat melt it off. A working air conditioner will ensure this doesn’t happen while you’re in route to your destination.

It will help you not burn your hands on your steering wheel.

Getting into a hot car and not being able to touch the steering wheel from the heat is annoying. It often means you have to wait for the steering wheel to cool down as you’re driving in order for things to feel easier.

You feel better when your car is in top condition.

When something isn’t working inside your car, it makes the ride more stressful. Having everything in top working order will relieve some of this stress.

That feeling of relief when the cold air hits your face.

Come on, there really isn’t a better feeling in the summer time than turning on the air conditioning in a hot car.

Beach traffic is the worst in this state without AC.

As a Toms River NJ resident, I know that getting to the beach in the summer is a hassle – especially if you have to get on the Garden State Parkway to get there. Imagine sitting in all that beach traffic without AC. I think it’s time to pick up the phone and make an appointment to get your car’s AC fixed.

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