Up in Smoke? Time to call your local mechanic in Toms River

When you notice smoke emanating from your vehicle, it is more than likely that it is having issues. The color of the smoke can give you an idea as to what exactly is going on. Smoke doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in immediate danger, however, fire does. If you see flames, move away from your vehicle as soon as possible. If not, you should still be cautious and contact a local mechanic in Toms River.

Black Smoke

Black smoke doesn’t necessarily indicate a large issue. It can be normal for some vehicles to emit a small amount of black smoke right after they are started, but the smoke dissipates quickly. This occurs when the engine needs to warm up to the right temperature. If the smoke continues after starting the vehicle, it is likely that your vehicle is experiencing more severe issues.

One possible cause for black smoke is a clogged or dirty air filter. Air filters prevent contaminants from getting pulling into your vehicle’s engine. If a filter is clogged or damaged, these contaminants will enter your engine and burn, resulting in black smoke. A local mechanic in Toms River can confirm whether or not this is your issue, and replace the filter if necessary.

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Another possibility is that your fuel pressure regulator isn’t working properly. A vehicle’s fuel system needs to operate within a specific amount of pressure that is controlled by a fuel pressure regulator. When the pressure is too high, your vehicle is at risk of over-fueling. The excess fuel burning could be the source of the black smoke.

Black smoke could also be caused by clogged fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are mechanical devices that spray a mist of gasoline into a vehicle’s intake. The gas mixes with oxygen and regulates the combustion of the engine. When the fuel injectors are clogged, the unregulated amount of gasoline could burn and create a black cloud of smoke. If this is the issue, a local mechanic in Toms River can repair the fuel injectors.

White Smoke

White smoke may seem intimidating than black smoke, but it still indicates potentially severe issues for your vehicle. One possible cause of the white smoke is a blown head gasket. A head gasket seals the connection between an engine block and an engine’s cylinders. If the gasket is damaged, the coolant can enter the combustion chamber, creating white smoke.

Your vehicle could also have a damaged cylinder head. A vehicle’s cylinder head is where the combustion chamber is located, which is where most of an engine’s heat is contained. Damaged cylinder heads can cause the engine to misfire due to too much heat. Overheating leads to burning and white smoke.

Another possibility is that you have a cracked engine block. A vehicle’s engine block houses the cylinders and their components. These components are located within a cooled and lubricated area called the crankcase. When the engine block is cracked, temperatures are not regulated, which can cause white smoke.Consult with a local mechanic in Toms River to identify the cause of the white smoke.  

Blue/Gray Smoke

Blue or gray smoke is a strong indication that your vehicle is burning oil. This means that oil is finding its way into your engine’s combustion chamber. In addition to creating smoke, burning oil can reduce your fuel economy and hinder acceleration. A local mechanic in Toms River can find out why your vehicle is burning oil.

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A possible cause to this is a valve stem seal that is malfunctioning. Valve stem seals regulate the oil that enters the valve stem interface that lubricates your vehicle’s valve guide and eventually the combustion chamber. When the valve stem seal isn’t working properly, oil can reach the combustion chamber and burn.

Consult with a Local Mechanic in Toms River

Regardless of the color, if excessive smoke is coming from your vehicle, you most likely need repairs. Holiday Service Center is a local mechanic in Toms River that can bring you out of the smoke and put your vehicle back in working order. They have a wide variety of services that will get you back on the road as soon as possible. If you find yourself up in smoke, contact Holiday Service Center.

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