The Cost of Skipping Regular Maintenance is Larger than you Think

Are you regularly maintaining your vehicle? The cost of not keeping up on routine maintenance is more than you think – if you’re not doing regular tasks such as rotating your tires or changing your oil, the outcome could cost you thousands.

For more information on how to regularly maintain your vehicle and avoid sneaky expenses in the long run, call your local Toms River mechanics.

Some routine maintenance neglect will cost you more than others. Take a look at some of these regular maintenance options to see what’s costing you the most – especially in the harsh New Jersey (NJ) winter.

The data below is based on data from January 2014.

Regular maintenance

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Pinching pennies when it comes to regular maintenance can lead to issues down the line. The cost of regularly maintaining your car will cost you about $1,000 yearly. The cost of skipping that maintenance can amount to more than $8,000.

The next time you think you want to save some money by waiting out that oil change or waiting to switch out those brake pads, think about the fact that the cost will be about eight times more in the long run.

Regular oil changes

Oil changes help to keep your engine clean and lubricated. The oil cuts down friction that otherwise could start to wear down the parts and metals inside the engine. Manufacturers often give specific instructions for when to change the oil in your car.

On average, you’ll spend about $120 a year changing the oil in your car. The cost of replacing your engine can amount to $4,000.

Tire rotation

Often done every 7,500 miles, switching the position of your tires can help them wear equally and make it so the tires themselves last longer. Rotating your tires regularly will cost you about $50 a year, whereas replacement tires can cost between $350 and $700.

Timing belt replacement

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You should replace your tires belt when your manufacturer recommends in order to save your car from severe engine damage. If your belt breaks while the car is moving, it could severely damage the engine. In lucky cases, your call will only need a new belt replacement. Contact your local Toms River mechanics for more information.

It costs about $600 to replace a timing belt, whereas repairing the engine from the damage it will cause when it breaks costs about $2,500.

Brake inspection

Brake discs and pads wear down, and need replacement usually once or twice a year. If you neglect these repairs, the damage cause by low brake pads can lead to even more expensive rotor or entire brake replacements.

It costs between $150 and $375 to replace a car’s brake pads or shoes, whereas it costs between $300 and $600 to replace brake rotors and drums.

PCV valve replacement

Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) regulates the crankcase pressure. This helps prevent engine oil leaks and sludge buildup. If neglected, engine repairs can amount to a lot more than the regular maintenance costs.

It costs $25 to replace a PCV pipe, and only needs to be done every 30,000 miles. It can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000 for a new valve cover or engine seals.

Changing other plugs and filters

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Pass an emissions test by regularly changing your plugs and filters. Spark plugs and air filters are the most common parts that need to be maintained.

The costs of this regular maintenance can be $100+ yearly, but getting a car up to compliance can cost anywhere between $335 to $1,000+ yearly.

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