The Dangerous Slope of Neglecting Oil Changes

It’s the simple things in life that can make all the difference: including the lonely kid on the playground, getting your teeth cleaned, telling your mom I love you, and changing the oil in your car. Automotive professionals advise that car owners change their oil every 3,000 to 5,000. For those of you who seem to lose track of mileage, your professional should put a sticker on your car notifying you of the next time to get an oil change. If they fail to do this, try estimating about every three to six months to get your oil changed. It’s a pretty inexpensive and simple way to keep your car YOUR car, and not just another part of the junk yard. No one said you had to do the actual oil changing, but in the least take your car to a professional periodically so that they can change your oil for you.

Lack of Filtering

New oil has the capability to carry dirt to your oil filter, where the dirt is removed from the oil before it is processed through the engine. As oil becomes older and used, it no longer has this ability. This is the cause of used oil as well as a possible old oil filter. Once dirt begins to accumulate in your car’s oil, the dangerous slope begins. Two negatives will occur. The first being that oil sludge may now start being produced. Its presence can severely impact the workings of pistons, valves, and cylinders within your car. The second negative is that after having been contaminated, oil no longer has the ability to lubricate the inside workings of your car, which is its primary purpose.

No Longer a Lubricant

The job of automobile oil is to do two things. Number one it lubricates the many components of the engine, so that they can easily and smoothly work together without any unnecessary friction. The second job is to carry heat away from the engine. Your engine is working hard to keep your automobile moving and moving fast, so heat is bound to be produced. The car’s oil allows the engine to avoid overheating. Thus, the dangerous slope continues if oil changes are neglected with your vehicle. Not only will your oil now be dirtier than usual, but your oil will no longer be able to lubricate, and consequently unable to bring heat away from the engine.

Causing a Faulty Engine

Over time, this added heat and lack of lubricant will aggravate and aggravate your car’s engine. In fact, because of the lack of lubricant, parts of the engine will begin to come in contact with each other (contact that should not be happening). This contact will allow for engine parts to wear and work less efficiently than before. Not to mention that this contact added to the issue of overheating can also cause engine parts to weld together. Just think, all of this because you didn’t get an oil change!


The only positive here is that it would take repeated neglect in between oil changes to truly cause severe and long lasting damage to your engine. But why take the risk? Your car is something you probably use almost every day and it should be well taken care of. Get the most out of your car and give it oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure its good health.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing your own oil change, don’t hesitate to bring your car on in to Holiday Service Center where we will give your vehicle an oil change quickly, easily, and at a very fair price!

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