The Secret to Finding the Right Mechanic in a NJ Auto Repair Shop

It’s hard to find the right person to work on your car. Often times, choosing the right New Jersey (NJ) auto repair shop, means finding the right mechanic. The inside scoop on repair shops and mechanics may make the difference of years on the lifetime of your car.

For many people – word of mouth is what ends up being key to finding the right mechanic. We often go to different NJ repair shops because a family member, co-worker or friend told us that the mechanics there did a fantastic job on their car.

It’s because of this trend that customer service is one of the most important aspect of maintaining and running an auto repair shop In NJ. For more information on whether or not a NJ auto repair shop has the right mechanic for you, contact your local mechanic to discuss pricing and expertise.

So what’s the secret that you need to know to find the right auto mechanic? It’s a side secret to the tried and true rule of mouth rule.

The secret to finding the right mechanic in NJ is to remember that they all know each other – the best type of mechanic reference in this state is a reference from another mechanic.

But if you can’t find a mechanic to give you a reference, or you’re not able to speak to one yourself, how do you know if the mechanics at potential surrounding NJ auto repair shops are the right one’s for you?

Check the following resources to ensure that you choose the right mechanic in the right NJ auto repair shop to keep your car running for years to come.

Look for reviews that specialize in your brand.

Not every car is the same. While the basic mechanics for most cars are the same, maintenance and repair can differ between brands, models and makes. When you’re looking for a NJ mechanic to work on your car, make sure you find a person or an auto repair shop with the right specialties.

Not every auto repair shop will advertise a specialty in a certain type of car. But often, the mechanics there will have experience working with different types of cars than others. Look for reviews on sites like Yelp or information from the Better Business Bureau to discover the types of cars that customers who left good reviews for the site owned. If it’s similar to your type of car, chances are you will receive good service.

The best auto repair shops will be certified.

The various mechanic and repair shop certifications in NJ can be confusing. The best shops will be certified and their certifications will be current.

For these resources, you can check with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which is often thought to be the crucial certification needed to ensure good car repair. You can also check with the Automotive Service Association or the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the mechanics and shop have the correct schooling to work on your car.

Use your zip code to search for “word-of-mouth” reviews online.

When people think about looking for local businesses online, they often forget to use the best qualifier for local searches – the zip code. If you can’t talk to a mechanic directly, you might be able to find some information online by using targeted searches that include your zip code.

These searches might be able to help you find posted information from other mechanics, or at least knowledgeable customers that can help point you in the right direction.

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