Toms River Car Wash: Keeping Your Car Clean in the Winter

Most people only focus on washing their car during the summer but washing your car during the winter season is actually more important. With all the snow, salt and debris on the roads, your car becomes dirty much quicker than it does in the summer. The three main reasons people have for not washing their car in the winter are: they think that it will just get dirty as soon as they drive again, it’s too cold to wash it themselves or they don’t feel like paying for a regular car wash. However, no matter how inconvenient it is, washing your car in the winter is very important. Understand why regular visits to your Toms River car wash throughout the winter will keep your vehicle looking great and running smoothly.


Safety is one of, if not the most important reason to keep your car washed during the winter season. Dirt can quickly build up on your car when driving on wet winter roads, creating smears and smudges all over your windshield. Combine that with how easy frost and ice can accumulate on your windshield and visibility becomes an issue. Washing your car frequently will help to keep your windshield crystal clear. Also, be sure to fill your car with winter windshield wiper fluid to help maintain visibility between washes.

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Another visibility issue that occurs in the winter involves your headlights and taillights. When driving in a snowstorm, seeing the car ahead of or behind you can be difficult even if your lights are spotless. Be sure that both your headlights and taillights are clean and the ice is scraped off to so that other drivers can clearly see you.


Anytime you buy a car, you want it to last as long as possible. Regularly taking your vehicle through a car wash in the winter will help to prolong its lifespan. The snow and mud that mucks up your car is not your biggest concern on winter roads, it’s the salt. When left untouched, the salt will eat up every part of your car. Rust can build up in your car’s undercarriage and cause problems with your engine or your wheel wells which will affect your car’s handling.

Your tires will also be negatively affected by the salty roads. Salt can easily get trapped in the tread of your tires. This will weaken the integrity of your tires and make them more susceptible to cracks or dry rot. No matter what part of your car is damaged by the salt on the roads, it will not only affect its lifespan but it could cost you a lot of money to fix. Taking your car through the car wash on a regular basis could save you money in the long run.


When you buy your car, you’re making an investment. You want to protect your car so that when the time comes to sell it, you get a good return on your investment. Not washing your car regularly during the winter will decrease your car’s value. The buildup of salt on your car can cause the paint to fade and chip. Also, when you get into your car, you’re bringing in all that snow, salt and mud. This will cause damage to your car’s interior which is why you should replace your regular floor mats with rubber ones during the winter and always try to knock off excess snow from your shoes before getting in.

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Protect Your Car – Visit Your Toms River Car Wash

Now that you know how important it is to keep your car clean throughout the entire winter season, it’s time to visit a Toms River car wash! Holiday Service Center is a four-generation family owned business, that takes pride in our exceptional service. From auto services to car washes, we’ll make sure your car is safe and clean all winter long. Get your coupon for a free car wash with the purchase of an oil change or contact us today to learn more.

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